ZNCC(363) Day Session [3.5 days] | Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents

ZNCC(363) Day Session [3.5 days]

Day 1 (4-Aug-2020,Tue) :

10.00am-11.30am: Paper 1-Overview of the Property Market - Malaysia 
2.00pm-3.30pm: Paper 2-The Act & Rules

Day 2 (5-Aug-2020,Wed) :

10.00am-12.00pm: Paper 3-The Malaysian Estate Agency Standards
2.00pm-3.30pm: Paper 4-Real Estate Agency Practice-Profession/Business

Day 3 (6-Aug-2020,Thu) :

10.00am-11.30am: Paper 5-Law Relating to Estate Agency Standards
2.00pm-3.30pm: Paper 6-Real Estate Forms, Title, Tenancies & SPA

Day 4 (7-Aug-2020,Fri) :

10.00am-11.00am: Paper 7-Negotiators Registration Process, Exams & MIEA

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