Objectives | Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents


  • To represent members on all issues of practice with BOVAEA, relevant government agencies, associations and to be the voice for Practitioners in the country. 
  • To unite and protect the interests of all Practitioners in the profession. 
  • To promote the code of conduct, ethics and maintain high ethical standards of practice. 
  • To safeguard and protect the interest of the general public against fraud by practitioners or persons not authorized to act as practitioners. 
  • To provide training, education, examination, technical and general knowledge for all Practitioners. 
  • To mediate disputes / conflicts. 
  • To provide a platform for networking and business development. 
  • To encourage, elevate and maintain a high level of professionalism amongst practitioners. 
  • To work towards the establishment of the Board of Estate Agents Malaysia. 
  • To eradicate illegal brokers and malpractices.