The Council of Management

Erick YT Kho


Eric Lim
Deputy President

Monica Chuah
Honorary Secretary

Tan Guat Eng
Honorary Treasurer

Siva Shanker
IPP / Education &
Training Chairman


Lim Boon Ping
Vice President /
State Branches Chairman /
MAREC'17 / Board Member


Alex J Gomez
Councillor / Board Member

Ethan Leong
Councillor / ICT & Youth Chairman

Billie Lim
Councillor / D'REAM Bulletin Chairperson


Wan Choy Heng
Councillor / Membership Chairman

Reap Ong Poh See
Councillor / International Liaison Chairperson

Mark Saw
State Chairman Penang

Alex Ting
State Chairman Sarawak

Liew Toh Sen
State Chairman Johor

Henry Tai
State Chairman Sabah

Noorzamani Nooradin
State Chairman Perak